Q1 2023 Ivanti Price Book Updates
Q1 2023 Ivanti Price Book Updates  
Starting this month, Ivanti will be providing you quarterly price book updates. For this quarter, we have two significant updates for you.

EPG update for partners 
The Extended Product Group (EPG) was created to continue to nurture and maintain the products that had more regional or niche market presence.

With Ivanti’s recent acquisitions, we have solutions that have overlapping capabilities and today, we announce that we will begin to transition the following EPG products to “New Quotes Prohibited”. These changes will come into effect on May 1, 2023: 
  • Ivanti Workspace Control
  • Ivanti DSM
  • Ivanti Identity Director
  • Ivanti Endpoint Security
  • Ivanti Service Desk
  • Ivanti Legacy ITXM
  • Ivanti Discovery 9.x
  • Ivanti ALM
  • Ivanti Goldmine
What does this mean for our partner community?
  • EPG products will no longer be available to generate new opportunity quotes.
  • These changes will not affect quotes for new opportunities that are already inflight.
  • These changes will not impact the ability to quote volume or renewal opportunities.
  • For the affected products, except where an official end-of-life is announced, Ivanti will continue to support the solutions affected.
Supporting Information
Please stay tuned for additional content that will provide overviews on the path forward by product. 
UEM/EXM Price Book Updates 
The following changes and updates are being made to pricing for Ivanti products. Network Security products are omitted from this update. Updates to Network Security will be forthcoming.

General updates are as follows:  
  • Change will impact all new and volume sales
  • Changes vary by individual SKUs, following these general parameters:
    • SaaS SKUs increased by 5%
    • On-Premise SKUs increased by 10%
    • Professional Services SKUs increase by 5%
  • Some SKUs have had no change or decreases in pricing, or increases greater than mentioned above; changes were made on individual SKU basis
  • New pricing will apply to partners after the timeframe specified in their reseller agreement
If you have any questions, you’re encouraged to contact your Ivanti partner manager.